Why We're Here

We are a 501c3 not for profit horse rescue and equine rehabilitation program. It is our passion and dream to save displaced horses and to offer them the chance to become safe and loving companions. 

Our Horses for Adoption

Please check out our hooved companions! If you are interested in adoption or foster care, please send us a message. 

Codette Command

Quarter Horse

We are currently seeking sponsorship for Codette. Codette is a beautiful mare with an extra little package. She is due to foal in March 2018. She is 17 years old. She comes from a line of reining horses and was bred by Zimmerman Reining Horses in Idaho. She was rescued from the Colorado Kill Pen on September 15, 2017. 

Maya & Vada

Quarter Horse

Maya was rescued from Bastrop Kill pen in Louisiana  on April 7. Lil Vada was born on the kill lot on April 1, 2018. Maya is doing well learning ground manners and is being worked in the round pen.

Bayou Belle

Quarter Horse Cross

Belle is currently in a foster home in Wisconsin. Her and her baby were rescued out of the Bastrop Kill pen on March 28, 2018.Her baby Stella id also with her and is currently in training. It appears that Stella is gaited. 


Arabian Cross

Meet our beautiful 2 year old filly. Rescued from Bastrop Kill Pen inApril 2018.She has recently been diagnosed with a muscle disorder.  We are seeking sponsorship for her as  she continues to be evaluated and treated. 

Our Horses for Adoption

Please check out our hooved companions! If you are interested in adoption or foster care, please send us a message and our adoption coordinator Lacey Heaver will contact you.

Violet & Oakley

Quarter Horse

Violet was rescued from the Colorado Kill pen on May 4, 2018. Lil Oakley was born just 10 days later  in Colorado in quarantine. They are currently living with foster parents in Colorado!



Willow has a huge heart. She was born in May 2015. She is gaited. She is sweet and very striking! She loads, cross ties, stands for the farrier, baths and in under liberty training. She was rescued December 28, 2016 from North Carolina. 


Quarter Horse

Our beautiful 14 year old . Rescued from North Carolina on June 16, 2017. Felicity has some medical issues and currently is undergoing treatment. She is currently seeking a sponser!


Spotted Saddle Horse

Meet our handsome 14 year old boy . Rescued from Colorado Kill Pen in February of 2018. He is broke to ride. He is seeking his forever home!

***********Our  alumni companions that have been placed​***********



Hondo is a 9 year old Angloarab. He is well mannered and a total sweet heart. He loves attention and having his for heard rubbed!.  He is was broke to drive.  He is 15 2 HH and has the most incredible fluid movement. He was rescued from Minnesota on September 7, 2017. 



Beautiful 24 year  old OTTB  gelding. Sound, great manners and looking for his forever home. He is rides English and has a very comfortable seat. He would be great for a beginner rider. 


Arabian Cross

Meet our handsome 10 year old boy . Rescued from Bastrop Kill Pen in June of 2017. He is broke to ride. He is seeking his forever home!


Missouri Fox Trotter

Whisky is a  17 year old Missouri Fox Trotter. He was intercepted at an Illinois auction on September 3, 2017. He has found his companion Jackie. He moved to be with her in December and is adjusting well at her Mothers farm. He has two pasture mates and is loving his new family.


Arab Cross

He has currently been adopted out! He was rescued August 23, 2017 from Oklahoma. His new name is Snowman. He was adopted by  the Linzmeier Training facility. He is a companion for a little girl who loves  lessons. 



Flash is a handsome 14 year old gelding with some beautiful moves.He came all the way from a Washington State kill pen in June of 2017. He has been adopted into the Farm Way family. It is a beautiful sanctuary where he is surrounded by a herd of 17 equines. This includes Venus!



Venus is our Diva. She is beautiful, kind , easy on the eyes and she knows it! She was rescued from North Carolina on March 3, 2017. Venus has traveled to the Farm Way Family



Hope has been placed with Field of Dreams Equine Rescue & Adoption,

Hope is a beautiful 10 year mare. She is quiet and calm. She loves to be groomed and given lots of attention!. She is currently undergoing a refresher and is doing very well. She was a brood mare for many of her younger years and because of that has lower suspensory joints. Our lameness vet and evaluated her as fine to ride ! She was rescued from Louisiana on June 19, 2017.


Quarter Horse

Lucky passed on April 4, 2018 a few days after giving birth. She foaled Willem on April !st. He only knew life inside of his mother. She had been rescued from the Colorado Kill Pen on October 25, 2017.



 Our handsome 14 year old boy was adopted by a Mother and Daughter team! He is loved on and an hi is flourishing with them. . He had been rescued from Colorado Kill Pen in February of 2018. He is broke to ride. He is seeking his forever home!


Warm Blood Cross

Beautiful one year old Hanoverian Cross. His mother Lacey was rescued from the Tar Heel feed Lot Pen in North Carolina in May 2018 by A Journey Home Rescue. He was born in safety at the rescue on July 3, 2017. His mother died three months later from gastric complications. He has been adopted and loved on by one of our very own volunteers !

Royal Trump


This handsome guy was rescued from the Colorado Kill Pen in May 29, 2017. We have a fairy tale. A happy ending to a sad story. Royal Tramp is 7 years old. He raced until 2015, when he was given by the owner to a rider that would use him as a hunter jumper.  Once we saw him there, we contacted the original owner Ken Larson and jockey, Lori Keith and trainer Mike Biehler. Mr. Larson a very incredibly kind man, bailed out Royal Tramp. He has been adopted by a family in Colorado and has a safe forever home.


Quarter Horse

Grace suffured a serve contracture of her right pastern ligament. If she would have had surgery as a baby she would have had a better chance of soundness.  Grace ended up in the Colorado Kill pen, not once, but twice. We pulled her from the pen the second time in June 2018. We were hopeful along with her fundraiser that she would would be able to be saved through surgery. many people helped raised funds for her evaluation at Littleton Colorado Hospital. Her contracture was too extensive and her  outcome for a better quality of life was poor. She was lovingly euthanized .



 This handsome 8 year old boy was adopted by to a woman in Pennsylvania.  He spent some time in quarantine before he headed to his new home. He had been rescued from Colorado Kill Pen in March of 2018. 


Shire Cross

Monet is an older Shire Cross rescued from the Colorado Kill pen in March 2018. She has arthritis and required additional rehabilitation.  The decision was to place her in a rescue and rehab facility close to her quarantine location in Colorado.