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The rest of the story on our Alumni Companions.



Hondo is a 9 year old Angloarab. He is well mannered and a total sweet heart. He loves attention and having his for heard rubbed!.  He is was broke to drive.  He is 15 2 HH and has the most incredible fluid movement. He was rescued from Minnesota on September 7, 2017. 



Electra is an Arabian mare that we pulled out of Stroud kill pen at as a young 6 month old filly. She was adopted by Staudacher Farms for their 4H program.



Beautiful 24 year  old OTTB  gelding. Sound, great manners and looking for his forever home. He is rides English and has a very comfortable seat. He would be great for a beginner rider. 


Tennessee Walker

Willow was rescued December 28, 2016 from North Carolina.  She was adopted by Sue and doing well under saddle.


Paso Fino

Arabella is a pretty little Paso Fino who was an owner surrender and has found her forever home with Linda and Al.

Codette Command

Quarter Horse

Codette was a registered QH with a reining bloodline. She was bred by Zimmerman Reining Horses in Idaho and was rescued from the Colorado Kill Pen on September 15, 2017.  

Sadly, in the late fall of 2019, Codette suffered a life threatening injury and was lovingly euthanized at her sanctuary home with Anita & Bob.


Quarter Horse

Cash, a handsome QH buckskin dun, with a very calm disposition joins Electra and Azaria at Staudacher Farms for their 4H program.



Nova was rescued from the Colorado Kill pen on May 4, 2018. Lil Oakley was born just 10 days later in Colorado in quarantine. She has moved to a sanctuary with Anita and Bob and we couldn't be happier!


Arab Cross

Buster was rescued August 23, 2017 from Oklahoma. He was adopted by  the Linzmeier Training facility and his new name is Snowman. He is a companion for a little girl who loves to ride. 



Flash is a handsome gelding with some beautiful moves. He came all the way from a Washington State kill pen in June of 2017. He and Venus were adopted into the Farm Way family - a beautiful sanctuary where he is among a herd of 17 horses.



Venus was rescued from North Carolina on March 3, 2017.  She now resides with Flash at the Farm Way family.


Missouri Fox Trotter

Whisky is a Missouri Fox Trotter. He was intercepted at an Illinois auction on September 3, 2017.  Whisky was adopted by Jackie and now resides on a farm with two pasture mates and is loving his new family.



Hope has been placed with Field of Dreams Equine Rescue & Adoption,

Hope is a beautiful 10 year mare. She is quiet and calm. She loves to be groomed and given lots of attention!. She is currently undergoing a refresher and is doing very well. She was a brood mare for many of her younger years and because of that has lower suspensory joints. Our lameness vet and evaluated her as fine to ride ! She was rescued from Louisiana on June 19, 2017.


Quarter Horse

Lucky passed on April 4, 2018 a few days after giving birth to Willem on April !st.  She had been rescued from the Colorado Kill Pen on October 25, 2017.


Hackney/MFT Cross

 Vada is a sweet little yearling that was rescued from the

Ark La ship pen in Louisiana in April 2018 with her mother Maya. She was adopted by her foster family Roxanne and Jim and continues to thrive.


Shire Cross

 Monet is an older Shire Cross rescued from the Colorado Kill pen in March 2018. She has arthritis and required additional rehabilitation. She was placed in a rescue and rehab facility close to her quarantine location in Colorado. 



 Heikki is a 7 year old registered Arabian gelding. He was an owner surrender. He was a halter horse who became trained to trail. He has found his ever forever home with Jessica..


Arabian Cross

 Ruby is a beautiful Sabino Arabian cross. She was saved from the Tar Heel Feed Lot in August 2018.  She didn't last long in her foster home as she was adopted by them - Joan and Terry. 


Quarter Horse

 Cheyenne adopted by Lisa and her two daughters!


Quarter Horse

Grace suffured a serve contracture of her right pastern ligament. If she would have had surgery as a baby she would have had a better chance of soundness.  Grace ended up in the Colorado Kill pen, not once, but twice. We pulled her from the pen the second time in June 2018. We were hopeful along with her fundraiser that she would would be able to be saved through surgery. many people helped raised funds for her evaluation at Littleton Colorado Hospital. Her contracture was too extensive and her  outcome for a better quality of life was poor. She was lovingly euthanized .



 Joker was rescued from Colorado Kill Pen in March of 2018. He has been adopted by a April and her family!


Quarter Horse

Remi was adopted by one of our trainers, Jody Funk. Remi is the Daughter of Codette Command and Gray Styk, and was bred for reining.  


Quarter Horse

Felicity is a chestnut Foundation QH mare. She was rescued from North Carolina in June of 2017.

Bayou Belle

Quarter Horse Cross

Belle her baby were rescued out of the Bastrop Kill pen on March 28, 2018. She appeared in the Midwest Horse Challenge (fall 2019). Audrey Aberle has adopted Bayou Belle!



Oakley was adopted by Margaret and Brian and loving his new home!


Quarter Horse

Beau found his forever home with Anita and Bob and is living a happy life with other horses, including, Nova!


Arab  Cross

Meet our handsome 11 year old boy, Jynx was rescued from Bastrop Kill Pen in June of 2017. He has been placed in a forever home. 


3/4 Arabian 1/4 Saddlebred

Count Sparkles is a pampered 3/4 Arabian gelding. He is 3 years old and stands 15.hh. He is currently in training and has both a good mind and good manners. He has been adopted by Allie!


Quarter Horse

Teddy was rescued from Colorado Kill Pen in February of 2018. He has been shown in 4H and is great beginner horse. He has a forever home with Cathy and Bill!

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