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COVID-19 Update

Due to the current pandemic and self-isolating rules instituted by the Illinois Government, we are not accepting volunteers at this time. Please stay home and stay safe! We pray this crisis will end soon and we will be thrilled to welcome back any and all volunteers.

We Need You!

Giving Abused, Abandoned, and Slaughter-bound Horses a Second Chance is what Hooved Companion Project is all about. Would you please join us in making a difference!


Our program relies on the generosity of those who support our efforts through financial giving. 98% of all donations go directly to the care and benefit of our horses. Would you please join us in making a difference!

Donations may also be sent to:

Hooved Companion Project

11414 Armory Road

Hebron, IL 60034


The cost of sponsoring a horse is $150.00 per month. This covers all food, farrier, worming and annual vaccinations. You can also part sponsor a horse if you wish. When you sponsor a horse, we will send you photographs of him/her each month along with updates on how they are doing. We will also make a notation on our website of your kind sponsorship under the picture of your sponsored horse.


Support our Rescue

Hooved Companion Project needs your help to support all the horses on our farm. Food, vet bills, farrier fees, general maintenance, etc. are ongoing costs. Consider making your donation recur each month!

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